On behalf of a sizeable investor group, First Keystone Property Group (www.1keystone.com) has worked with Cathie Lee & Woody Mann and the Vista Team for 30 years. I can authoritatively declare that this organization has staked out a very special space within the vast commercial real estate investing world. Defining their space can be boiled down to two simple words: rigor & hands-on. Every day, the entire Vista Team performs with these bedrock principles in mind. When an acquisition is being considered, we can count on analytical discipline coupled to the highest managerial standards. That’s “rigor” in my book. Then, once the property is added to Vista’s portfolio, as investors, we can depend on Vista professionals paying attention to the little things that distinguish a top-notch property from the rest of the field. This attitude & approach helps explain why Vista-managed properties powered their way through the chaos of Hurricane Harvey in 2017, and then successfully rode out the Great Pandemic Recession three years later. Tenants & investors both experienced a positive outcome. (First Keystone is a developer of industrial space for rent or purchase in Pecos, West Texas.)