Incorporated in 1985, The Vista Companies is a full-service Houston-based real estate services group, headed by a team of seasoned professionals in the fields of real estate development, leasing, brokerage, and property management.  The Vista Companies is a collaboration of three entities.

Vista Equities Group, Vista Management Company, and Vista Brokerage Services work as a team to complement and support one another in their quest to achieve a common goal.

Vista Equities Group focuses on the development of new properties and the acquisition of existing income-producing properties.
Vista Management Company provides leasing and property management services for third party owners and Vista’s own investment partnerships.
Vista Brokerage Services provides land and investment advisory services for buyers and sellers whose interest center in the acquisition and disposition of commercial real estate in the Greater Houston Area.

Our senior development, property management, and brokerage teams represent over one hundred thirty years of experience in the Texas Real Estate market. That experience, combined with our entrepreneurial business style and the dedication and support of our valued team members, gives our people a “pride of ownership” in our business and has allowed Vista to prosper in volatile, as well as predictable, markets.

Good communication and strong relationships are vital to our business success. Our property managers and leasing personnel, along with our accounting and maintenance staffs, are committed to delivering a high level of customer service.

Vista’s outstanding tenant retention rate is the direct result of this effort, translating into greater efficiencies of operation, reduced operating costs, and greater profitability for our partnerships.

The excellent reputation Vista enjoys within the business community, and among its peers, is one that has been nurtured by design and proven by performance.  The Company maintains a high standard of exemplary conduct in all of its business transactions and relationships.  Vista’s personnel are fully aware of, and are committed to, the Company’s pledge of excellence to its business partners.